Eric Jiaju Lee

Light and Composition are essential to any image that aspires to be beautiful and compelling. This is my mantra. With a Master of Fine Arts background, I always approach my work aesthetically. A picture first has to be attractive, it simply has to look good. And there must also be a context and concept... a story to make a picture more than just a picture.

What is the difference between a simple photo and a true work of art? The click of the shutter is the same in either case but it is the eye, the mind and the heart that makes the difference. The eye perceives the light, the mind composes, and the heart imbues emotion. Whether I am shooting something Artistic, Editorial or Fashion-based, this is how I approach the creation of every image.


Eric Jiaju Lee earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at Hunter College where he now is an adjunct professor and has based his creative practice in New York City for over the past two decades. Lee's studio is in the vibrant arts community of Bushwick in Brooklyn where he has been a part of the growth of the area since it's early beginnings. Lee has been published in various publications and exhibits regularly both locally and abroad, with works belonging to international private and corporate collections. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Lee is a professor of fine arts, an independent curator and guest lecturer at museums and institutions in the greater New York area. In addition to Photography, Lee works in various other media such as Painting, Drawing, Sound and Video.